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VTW has developed a new product called Vingo (www.vingo.fit), a new social exercise app for consumers.  We believe that affordable access to a fun, immersive, social exercise experience can have a profound impact on improving the health and wellbeing of individuals. 

We believe in the active engagement of all employees to continue to define and evolve our culture, and that empowerment of individuals to contribute their talents can make a difference.  We welcome people from all backgrounds who seek the opportunity to be part of a team that practices the power of collaborative teamwork and innovative ways to inspire engagement in our customers, wherever they are in their fitness journey.

About the Role

The Senior 3D Animator will help model, rig, animate, skin, and export mobile-ready assets for use in a Unity environment. The ideal candidate is an experienced animator with a broad understanding of proficiency creating 3D models & animation in Maya / 3DS Max / Blender, a competent rigger who can set up simple and efficient rigs that work properly in Unity, and a no-boundaries creative thinker/storyteller who’s willing to push the limits of animation. The Senior 3D Animator will work closely with the Art Director, tech artists, and the art team to craft optimized animation assets for in-engine use. 


  • Create appealing gameplay models & animations for character, prop, and environment sequences in a stylized world 
  • Work with Technical Artist to set up mobile-friendly rigs for optimized game use 
  • Work with production to create and maintain an efficient animation pipeline 
  • Capable of addressing feedback from stakeholders on the game’s vision 
  • Assist with brainstorming through the use of previs, animatic and storyboard work 
  • Communicate effectively in cross-functional development teams and present ideas effectively both verbally and visually 
  • Continually push to refine our existing I.P. 
  • Produce well under pressure, work in short timeframes, manage time and schedules efficiently while maintaining a high level of quality 

Required Qualifications

  • A strong reel showcasing stylized keyframed animations for games 
  • 5+ years of experience as a 3D modeler/animator using Maya or similar tools, with a thorough understanding of animation fundamentals and creative/technical solutions 
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Animation; related degree or relevant real-world experience 
  • Thorough understanding of how to set up rigs and animation for the game engine 
  • Ability to create simple and easy-to-use rigs that other animators can work with 
  • Understanding of an interactive animation pipeline, including artwork optimization and Unity integration 
  • Strong sense of polishing key-framed animation through blocking, rough and final phases 
  • Understanding of facial animation and the role it plays in enhancing performance 
  • Ability to work with game design documents to create conceptual animations of mechanics for games 

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working in Unity 
  • Advance Rigging is desired but not required 
  • Ability to draw or storyboard is HIGHLY desired 
  • Knowledge of Basic 3D Modeling/Texturing 
  • Familiarity working in a scrum/agile environment 

Apply now at [email protected]

Vingo is now on iOS!


Vingo is now on iOS!

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