Explore the world from home

Immerse yourself in new places while you ride and run!

Discover your adventure 

markerFind new horizons

Want to go to the beach? How about climbing a volcano? Or ride down a mountain? Vingo has landscapes and terrain to do it all! 

markerUnlock new routes 

The more you explore, the more options you have. Get access to new routes and never be bored! 

markerAccomplish your fitness goals

Create your perfect combination of challenge and fun, and hit your fitness goals while you’re at it. 

Be Active & Explore

markerRun or ride through different destinations 

Whether you have a top-of-the-line smart trainer, or a stationary indoor bike, you can satisfy your wanderlust with Vingo. Want to run instead? Use any treadmill and get started!

markerExperience something new every time you exercise 

Switch up a boring workout routine and explore new places around the world. You’ll feel like you’re really there, making it more exciting and motivating to exercise each day.

Discover Iceland

markerCheck it off the bucket list 

Travel to the remote island of Iceland where few have traveled! Soak up the incredible sights while you run or bike and learn more about the area.

markerRide or run through every terrain

Volcanos, beaches, mountains and more, Iceland has it all. But you might want to come prepared for strong winds, and cold weather!  

Discover Japan and its cherry blossoms!

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