Fitness adventures for all.®

Discover a new social+fitness experience!


3 simple steps to get started

Step #1

Download Vingo

Vingo is compatible with all Apple and Windows devices:




Step #2

Connect your equipment

Connect your bluetooth and ANT+ sensors for your bike or treadmill to talk to Vingo. Still unsure of what you need? Find all the answers here!
Step #3

Start your fitness adventure!

Personalize your avatar, customize your bike and explore the world while working out!

Explore the world
and experience new places

From snowy mountains and erupting volcanoes to relaxing fields or coastal roads – there’s something for everyone!

Join an immersive fitness app experience

markerExplore a virtual fitness world

Vingo is a virtual space that lets you explore different worlds on any treadmill or indoor bike. Start the app on any computer or phone and start exercising!

markerDecide your own adventure

Create a personalized avatar for the Vingo metaverse (created from a selfie), choose your own gear, outfits, and route difficulty each time you work out.

markerBecome a part of the Vingo community

Meet new people, chat with friends, celebrate victories, and most importantly– have fun!

Compatible with any exercise bike or treadmill

Vingo makes it easy to start from any home, apartment, or space. Whether you have a top-line smart trainer, or a stationary indoor bike, our biking and running app is there for you. Want to run instead? Use any treadmill and get started!

Be active. Have fun.

Upload a selfie and create a realistic avatar….or not! You can be whoever you want!

Unlock new outfits, equipment, and other accessories for your avatar.

Discover different worlds and routes within them while moving your body!

Meet new friends, voice chat with them in real-time, and cheer one another on.

Make fitness what you want.

Because fitness doesn’t have to be the same thing for everyone.

markerEveryone is welcome

Whoever you are, whatever your fitness goals, let’s do this together!

markerAccomplish goals at your own pace

Our fitness app always has a new challenge for you, with new challenging routes, we are here to help you stay motivated along the way. 

markerEscape your daily routine

Switch up any routine- travel the world and learn about new places while you move! 

personalize your avatar the way you want

Vingo is now on iOS!


Vingo is now on iOS!

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