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Get ready to run and explore with our immersive running app!

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Whoever you are, whatever your goals, make fitness fun, and let’s explore together! 

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Adventure Awaits… 

markerUnlock new routes

Scratch the itch to explore and unlock new routes as you go! The more routes you run, the more adventures you’ll have. Talk about good motivation!

markerMake indoor fitness fun

Running on a treadmill doesn’t have to be boring anymore. Enjoy each session while you make friends, chat in real-time, explore incredible places, and have fun while you reach your fitness goals!

markerFind new horizons

Ditch the jog around your neighborhood and run through Iceland instead. With pristine sandy beaches, mountainous terrain, quaint villages, and steep climbs up volcanoes, Vingo has it all.

Wherever you are… 

markerIn your fitness journey 

Vingo is for everyone, no matter your fitness level, accomplishments, or past running experience. Go at your own pace and enjoy the journey while you connect with other Vingo users.

markerIn the world 

No matter where you are, you can enjoy everything Vingo has to offer. Easily get started for free from any home, apartment, or space.

Discover a new way to run!

Click the dots to learn more about what you’ll see on the road. 

A running community for all 

No entry requirements here! Invite friends and family to run with you or meet fellow runners out on the road.

markerChat in real time 

Whether you want to share a word of encouragement, give helpful tips, or just chat it up and make a new friend, use our real-time voice chat feature to talk to other Vingo users while you run.

markerMeet people of all ability levels

Connect with runners of all levels! Vingo is an inclusive space for everyone, whether you’re a new runner or an athlete looking for a fun way to train indoors. 

Personalize your running experience

That’s why we’ve created a way for you to be you! 

markerCustomize your avatar

Upload a selfie to create a realistic avatar…or not. You can be whoever you like!

markerChoose your gear

Pick from custom running shoes and outfit options.

markerGet a furry friend

Choose a dog to run along with you! 

Works on any treadmill

Vingo makes it easy to start from any home, apartment, or space. Whether you have a top-line smart treadmill, or a simply an entry-level one, you can get started right away!

Discover Japan and its cherry blossoms!

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