Discover a fun way to do fitness

Discover the features that make Vingo unique.

Create your own fitness adventure 

markerExplore the world

Experience something completely new each time you hop on your bike or treadmill. With Vingo, you can enjoy stunning sandy beaches, peaceful open pastures, quaint village streets, or steep volcanic mountains

markerUnlock new routes

Make your adventure whatever you want it to be by unlocking new routes as you explore. And the best part? You’ll never be bored! There’s always a new challenge to undertake and an exciting experience to be had.

markerAccomplish your fitness goals

Achieve your goals and have fun along the way. Adjust the route difficulty each time you ride or run to create the perfect challenge for you. We believe there’s no better way to stay motivated than by enjoying the process!

Connect with community

markerChat in real time 

Feeling social? Use vocal chat features to cheer on others on your ride! More of an introvert? No worries, that’s why we’ve got a mute feature.

markerMake new friends (and meet old ones)

Invite friends or family to join you on your ride, or find new fitness friends along your routes. 

Personalize Your Avatar

markerMake it you!

Give us a smile and take a selfie to create a realistic avatar. 

markerChoose your gear

Select the outfit you want, and the gear you love. Think of it as a shopping trip for your avatar. 

Choose a furry friend! 

The dog of your dreams (or maybe your reality if you have one at home) can join in on your workout. Pick from a range of dogs that can run alongside you or sit in a basket on your ride. 

Explore from any bike or treadmill 

markerCompatible with any space and equipment

Vingo makes it easy to start from any home, apartment, or space. Whether you have a top-line smart trainer, or a stationary indoor bike. Want to run instead? Use any treadmill and get started!

Discover Japan and its cherry blossoms!

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