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The Best Gifts for Cyclists in 2023

With the holidays quickly approaching, you might be shopping for the friends and loved ones on your list. For the cyclist in your life, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas to inspire you. Here are some of the best gifts for cyclists in 2023.

1. A bike light

A cyclists using a bike light at night.

A portable bike light is a practical gift for any cyclist, especially those that prefer early morning or late evening rides. With various models, sizes, and types to choose from, this gift will help ensure your loved one stays safe and highly visible while on the saddle, no matter the time of day.

2. Socks

Two pairs of wool socks

Don’t underestimate a pair of comfortable socks. Cyclists frequently say the right (or wrong) socks can make or break a bike ride, and if you’re a cyclist yourself, you’ll know this to be true. Shop for thin, sweat-wicking socks made of quick-dry materials. Cycling socks with these features will help minimize any discomfort due to sweat.

3. A bike bell

A cyclists using his bell bike.

A bike bell is an excellent safety tool that lets other cyclists and pedestrians know you’re coming. They range quite a bit in size, sound, quality, and price, so you’ll want to do your research when selecting a bell and consider what type of cycling the recipient does, whether it’s city, off-road, or road biking.

4. A heart rate monitor 

A cyclist checking his smart watch to look at his heart rate.

For those who don’t wear a fitness watch, a small and portable heart rate monitor is a great gift to help them reach their cycling goals and track their progress and metrics. Several lightweight heart rate monitors are compatible with multiple devices and apps, making it easy to download and analyze data after a ride. Here’s a highly-rated heart rate monitor on Amazon for just $50.

5. Dog carrier backpack

A dog in a backpack while its owner is cycling.

A dog carrier backpack is a fun and helpful gift for cyclists that regularly bring their dogs along for a ride. These hands-free backpacks are the perfect way to bike on any terrain with a fur pal, and they’re sure to enjoy the views along the way. You’ll want to consider the size and breed of the dog, as well as the durability and water resistance of a dog carrier backpack before you buy, but some popular brands include Pawaboo, K9, PetAmi, and Petcious.

6. Cycling apparel 

Various cycling gear with a bike shorts, tank top, water bottle and sneakers.

Cycling apparel is always a safe bet, especially if you’re familiar with the recipient’s clothing size, preferences, and biking habits. Consider shopping for cycling bibs, lightweight sweat-wicking athletic tees, waterproof biking jackets, and biker shorts online or at your local bike store. Just get a gift receipt in case they need a different size or color.

7. A portable solar power bank

A portable solar back charging phone.

A portable solar power bank is by far one of the best gifts for cyclists—particularly bikepackers who may not always have a way to charge their phone, GPS, or fitness watch. This option from REI is lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to pack along on rides.

8. Cycling gloves

A cycling putting on his cycling gloves before a ride.

Cycling gloves provide plenty of benefits for bikers, so if your friend or loved one doesn’t have a pair yet, they need one! Gloves improve your grip and control, offer cushioning for enhanced comfort, and protect the rider’s hands from cold and injury in case of a crash. A slim fit with waterproof material is best.

9. A portable Bluetooth speaker

A portable blue tooth speaker.

For cyclists who enjoy riding with music (but not earbuds), a portable Bluetooth speaker is a great way to help boost the quality of their rides. Bluetooth speakers made for cycling easily attach to the bike, but different brands provide varying sound quality, waterproof ratings, and other features.

10. Cycling sunglasses

Women wearing helmet and cycling sun glasses

Cycling sunglasses make biking much more enjoyable and protect from harsh sunlight and glares. When purchasing these sunglasses, consider the glasses’ frame shape, materials, and design features to best suit the recipient. For example, some cycling glasses highlight particular colors to improve the visibility of trails while cycling off-road. Others are rimless, providing a more lightweight feel.

11. A new helmet

Close-up of helmets in a bike store

Every cyclist needs a helmet to ride safely. If you have a friend or loved one who wants to get into outdoor cycling, gifting them a helmet is a great way to contribute to their new venture and make sure they stay safe while riding! Aside from ensuring you get the right size, you’ll also want to shop for a helmet based on the type of cycling your friend or loved one does. For example, recreational bike helmets are suitable for casual riding, but road bike helmets are ideal for cyclists who do lots of road riding. Mountain biking helmets offer additional features like extended rear head coverage (since mountain bikers are more likely to fall backward than road riders).

12. A hydration pack

A hydration pack on male biker

For longer rides, a bottle or two of water may not be enough to keep a cyclist hydrated. Many bikepackers, adventure cyclists, and gravel racers ride with hydration packs instead. When buying for a friend, consider the pack’s overall capacity, fit, and additional features like tubing that allows for quick disconnection and bite valve on and off switches.

13. A cadence sensor 

Closeup of bike senser on an indoor bike.

This is one of our favorite gifts for cyclists on this list because you can use it with Vingo! This cadence sensor from Wahoo Fitness is just $39.99 and is wireless and compatible with both iOS and Android. It’s a sleek solution that allows cyclists to measure their cadence data while riding indoors, and it easily mounts directly to the bike’s crank arm or the cyclist’s shoe. With Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ technology, your favorite cyclist can easily display data on a smartphone or GPS bike computer. 

14. A bike lock

Closeup of a bike lock

A bike lock can keep your loved one’s bike from being stolen, especially if they do lots of city riding and leave their ride unattended in busy public spaces. There are many types of bike locks, including U-locks, cable locks, chain locks, and bike wheel and seat locks. Most bike locks will do the trick, but the materials, design, and price points vary.

15. Cycling headphones 

A male cyclists with wireless headphones on.

Not all people like biking with earbuds. These cycling headphones are an excellent option for the rider who prefers to listen to music or a podcast while still being able to hear their surroundings. Instead of resting inside the ear canal, they sit outside it, allowing a cyclist to listen to music while talking to others and hearing approaching vehicles, other cyclists, and pedestrians. 

16. A bike tool kit 

A bike tool kit.

This might not be one of the most exciting gifts, but it’s invaluable to have on hand, so we included it in our list of best gifts for cyclists. A bike tool kit includes all the necessary tools and equipment to repair a bicycle, which is helpful for any cyclist. If you’re working with a smaller budget this holiday season, consider buying a single multitool they can carry along with them while they ride to help with simple repairs or adjustments on the go.

17. Energy gels

A man eating energy gels while walking.

Either store-bought or homemade energy gels are a fun gift for any serious cyclist. They can be expensive, especially if you buy them often, so the recipient will surely appreciate your gift! Before buying, we recommend researching healthy options, asking about their preferences, or considering making your own for a fun and thoughtful DIY gift. (Need some inspiration? Check out our five favorite DIY energy gel recipes.)

18. A phone mount

A phone mount on bike

Bike phone mounts are a simple and easy way to ensure your phone is visible while cycling. Many phone mounts even come with accessory covers for advanced waterproofing, which are ideal for all cyclists who rely on turn-by-turn directions or like to track their progress via apps. This Roam phone mount is a reliable and affordable option. Alternatively, this mount from Quad Lock is a little more expensive but is one of the most secure options out there.

19. A computer mount

A male cyclists on his indoor trainer watching his computer from his mount on bike

For cyclists that regularly use Vingo or a similar app, a computer mount will help them get more data about their riding stats. These mounts securely lock and position their computer on the bike while riding. Some also have additional features like lights. When shopping, look for a highly-rated computer mount with a durable bracket or holder kit.

Key Takeaways:

If you have an avid cyclist in your life, these gifts for cyclists are sure to be appreciated. Items like apparel, a phone mount, a pair of cycling gloves, or a cadence sensor are thoughtful and useful gifts that any cyclist will enjoy.

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