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How to Start a Workout Routine in the Winter

New seasons call for new routines, and with spring ahead and new resolutions or goals, you may decide you are ready to start a workout routine this year. Yet, winter means fighting shorter days, colder temperatures, and less sunlight while you start this routine. While the weather and climate aren’t likely to encourage you to workout (in fact, scientists have found that adverse weather does tend to decrease people’s motivation to work out)1  there are some ways you can set yourself up for success. 

Learn more about how you can start a workout routine this winter season that works for you. 

How can I find the motivation to start an exercise routine?

Part of starting in the winter, as we mentioned, is the nature around isn’t likely to be incredibly inspiring for you to start—this, it’s especially important to channel what is going to motivate you. 

Make it social

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For many of us, something that will help is making fitness social. Whether that’s having an accountability buddy you can train with, joining a group, or participating in a class, there are many ways to make things social. 

If you want to work out at home, you could call a friend, or meet friends over an online fitness app like Vingo. 

Consider a personal trainer or coach

If you are looking for more of a constant commitment and accountability, you may want to consider a couple of sessions with a personal trainer. A personal trainer can help you start a routine, and discover what will work for you. While this is often more of a time and financial investment, it is likely to keep you engaged and going because of that. 

Looking for more motivation? Check out these tips. 

Establish a routine that works for you

Next up will be choosing and creating a routine that will work for you. Everything is an active choice from the calendar and the way you carve out time, to where you work out, to the activities you choose to do! 

Try to be consistent

In the beginning and really any time, it’s important to be consistent. What time of day and how long you decide to workout is up to you, but keep coming back to it. So many routines crumble because of steep expectations and little follow-through—but success can be found by simply committing to a routine, and even when it doesn’t work, just keep trying. 

Think of gym alternatives

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While you may want to go to the gym, during the winter, you might likely become demotivated to leave the house or go to the gym after work when it’s already dark. So discovering some gym alternatives can be helpful as you start your routine. 

Home gyms

If you haven’t already considered setting up a home gym, try it. This doesn’t necessarily even need to be a completely separate room or gym set up but could be a corner of a room devoted to working out and moving. 

Virtual classes

Nowadays, you’re likely to find just about any activity through a virtual class. Virtual classes are an easy way to be social, move your body and do it in any location. 

Virtual simulator

A virtual simulator fitness apps can transform your experience to make it feel real while discovering a new world. Virtual apps host a wide range of activities and can be done from any location. 

Like Vingo! Our fitness application is available for all indoor bikes and treadmills. Fitness enthusiasts of all fitness levels can engage in our immersive, fun fitness experience. Learn about Vingo here!

Pick a warming activity

During the winter running outside, or weight lifting in a cold gym might be far from motivating, but there are plenty of warming activities you could try instead. If weather or temperature affects you, these may be especially good to try. 


Woman Doing Yoga on Yoga Mat at Home

Whether it’s hot yoga (in a literal hot room) or just yoga (often in a warm room), you can get movement in and be warm. 

Swimming (in a warm pool)

You could also try swimming in a warm pool. 

Indoor biking or running

While not necessarily immediately warm, these activities are likely to warm you up really quickly! You can also keep motivated and warm with virtual biking or running opportunities. Like Vingo – a fitness application for all indoor bikes and treadmills! Learn more here!

How do I stay motivated?

Sign with Wake Up & Workout" Next to Weights and Jump Rope

While staying motivated and creating a routine will be important, returning to your goals will be equally important. It is fitness goals that often make routines more of a habit. While your routines are likely to evolve, and your goals are likely to evolve, if you can remind yourself of them, you can keep going. 

Consider goals other than weight loss

While weight loss is important for many, it can become demotivating after a while. That’s why creating other goals such as energy goals, performance goals, and routine goals can help. This way, you can measure your health on more than just one statistic and get a bigger picture. 

Key Takeaways:

While the winter climate may make it tough to get motivated, it is a perfect reminder of one key lesson in fitness—it’s not about perfection, it’s just about doing it. So this winter season go for it!

Try out a new routine, tune into your motivation, and remember to keep trying. If you can learn some consistency in winter, you are bound to crush in the spring and summer. 

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