View of a road in the Vingo windows app.

Vingo’s Newest Windows Updates

Vingo is officially on Windows (and updated) getting you one step closer to a fitness adventure. While you are welcome to discover it on your own, we wanted to call out some specifics for you to go check out. 

Quick Refresh: How can I join Vingo?

First things first, if you have yet to download Vingo. You can download it for free here. Then install the app into your Windows computer. 

To get started with your online fitness experience, all you need is the app and any exercise bike or treadmill to ride or run on. 

Vingo Window Features

Here are some of our newest features you can go check out. 

Running routes

Vingo Male Avatar Running with Two Cyclists Avatar

Calling all runners! You can officially run on Vingo. Choose from a variety of elevation gains and miles to run or walk-in. If you are new to running, there are plenty of beginner-friendly routes too. 

Also, the best part is you can join from any treadmill. So whether that’s one at home, a gym, or work, join from anywhere. 

Improved resistance for ANT+ devices

Male Avatar Cycling with Resistance

If you plan on using a smart trainer or smart treadmill or are already using one, this new update gives you better automatic resistance to match the gradient on the screen, making it feel like a true virtual simulator. 

So watch out, as you climb a mountain, you will feel that mountain-like sensation! Or if you are looking for a challenge, try adding some more elevation gain into your rides and runs. 

Manual mode

Vingo Female Avatar Cycling With Manual Mode

Speaking of elevation gain, we realize not everyone has a smart trainer, but that’s okay! You can still join from any exercise bike and treadmill, and with our new manual mode, it makes it easy to use. Simply set your speed or cadence and follow along to the elevation cues you see on the screen.

Better connectivity

Connectivity Blue Icons

In general, we’ve improved our connectivity for ANT+ devices, so you can enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted ride or run.

Create Friends panel

Vingo's Friends Panel with Bright Orange Arrow pointing to All of Online Friends

By using the friend’s panel, you can now see who is on the road and choose to connect and chat with them. Our voice chat features make it simple to say hello and make new friends. 

You can also use the friends’ panel to connect with friends you already know. 

New clothes

Woman in Vingo Locker Room Picking New Clothes

With our brand new threads and in-game emotes, you can express yourself to the fullest with vivid colors, new styles, and even a quick dab here or there to celebrate your victories.

Pick from a new spread of outfits and gear. We have so many options that you can style your avatar in 1,584,000 different ways!

Avatar actions

Two Vingo's Avatars With Arms Up Celebrating with an Orange Arrow pointing at other Avatar Movements

Express yourself with high fives, or even through a quick dab here or there to celebrate a personal victory.

Key Takeaways:

You’re nearly ready to explore, and windows and Vingo will help take you there. Well, we’ve got new features for you to check out, and will continue to have more and more the simplest way to start your virtual running or biking experience is too—

1. Download Vingo
2. Hop on any treadmill or exercise bike 
3. Discover the world and move
4. Have fun!

Tired of hypercompetitive fitness apps?

Enjoy Vingo’s judgment-free community!
marker Explore new worlds on many different terrains
marker Personalize your avatar with cool clothes and gears
marker Experience Vingo anywhere on any exercise bike or treadmill

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