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Explore Japan’s Gunma Prefecture With Vingo

Vingo’s newest release is available now and features a brand new virtual location: Japan! 

We’ve created 17 new exciting routes inviting Vingo members to explore Japan’s Gunma Prefecture for a one-of-a-kind at-home workout that blends fitness and adventure. 

Before you download the latest app version, here’s a quick summary of what you can expect.

Bike or run new routes through Japan

Two cyclists and a runner in Japans Vingo.

Whether you run or cycle indoors, Vingo will elevate your workout experience. Our newest routes through our virtual world of Japan allow you to experience the natural beauty of Gunma with fully immersive routes of varying intensity.

Gunma is a natural playground known for its gorgeous mountains, towering waterfalls, and endless outdoor adventures. With Vingo’s latest update, you’ll experience all that and more!

Here’s a quick look at a few of the newest biking routes in Japan:

  • Daruma Temple Climb: Enjoy a relaxing hill climb around the famed Daruma Temple, with breathtaking highland views of the placid valley below.
  • Dive into Mizuniwa: Cruise through torii gates, legendary temples, and the natural splendor of this popular region. It’s all here, from the valleys to the clouds! 
  • Minakami Climbing: Adventure awaits as you travel through the cool rush of forest trees and misty waterfalls, then cycle your way up gentle mountain paths. 

Our new running routes through Japan are just as exciting!

  • Gunma Forests Loop: Torii gates and forest splendor welcome runners along this vast hillside run. Towering waterfalls lurk at the end of the stone tunnelway. 
  • Kusatsu Aquacise: Adventure awaits in this grand tour of Gunma’s scenic coastline and interior beauty. It’s a picturesque route for joggers and runners alike. 
  • Shinma Stretching: This brisk, northward run is perfect for a quick running getaway! Ancient stones and torii gates line the forest pathway along your journey. 

Uncover exciting cultural experiences along the way

A runner avatar in Vingo's Japan.

As you explore our newest virtual location on your bike or treadmill, we’ll treat you to a variety of immersive cultural experiences you won’t find elsewhere. 

  • Make your way along trails through ancient bamboo and cherry blossom forests, where you’ll come face-to-face with mystical Japanese forest spirits. 
  • Explore routes featuring beautiful sacred shrines of all sizes and a magnificent Daruma temple.
  • Take in the scenery as you run or cycle past rushing waterfalls, over old wooden bridges, and through calming water gardens.

Scale your running and cycling workouts to meet your goals

A group ride and run in Vingo's fitness app in Japan.

Our newest Vingo routes through Japan are intended for people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re using Vingo with top-of-the-line equipment or a basic beginner setup, our real-world virtual locations offer exciting adventures that help you meet your goals. 

With Vingo, you can easily adjust your speed and distance to align with your abilities and goals. And if a healthy dose of competition gets you going, you can also complete virtual running and cycling routes with other Vingo members using the app.

As you complete the new Japan routes and advance to new levels, you’ll unlock cool gear, new athletic clothes for your avatar, and different bikes, so you can stay motivated to keep moving.

Enjoy all the best Vingo features

A view of avatars in Vingo fitness app in Japan.

With this new Vingo update, you can enjoy fantastic adventures in Japan without losing access to our incredible Iceland routes. All your favorite Vingo features are still available, too, including:

  • Real-time voice chat with other Vingo members
  • A fully customizable avatar (created with your selfie)
  • An extensive collection of gear, clothing, and bike options
  • Full compatibility with all indoor bikes and treadmills
  • A diverse community of Vingo members
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Where to get the latest version of the Vingo app

Avatars taking a turn on a bridge in Vingo's fitness app in Japan.

Vingo is currently available for Windows and iOS devices. You can download and use the app for free or subscribe to the premium membership to access all of Vingo’s great features.

Get Vingo for Windows

Get Vingo for iOS

For more information on how to get started using Vingo, visit https://www.vingo.fit/setup/ for step-by-step tutorials and guides with recommendations for beginner-friendly routes.

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