View of Vingo and the lifetime total bar after each workout.

Activity History Sidebar & Avatar Body Shape Options

We’re back at it again! We’ve improved Vingo with a few new features to enhance your fitness journey and make our community even more inclusive and welcoming. 

Here’s what you can expect from the latest version of the app!

Activity history sidebar

Vingo on mobile screen showing lifetime total side bar in Vingo app.

Now, tracking your accomplishments, evaluating your workouts, and staying motivated is easier than ever. We added a sidebar to the History screen so you can easily see a clear summary of your running and cycling activity

Compare your average cycling and running metrics simultaneously, or view each activity’s data independently. Whatever keeps you moving, right?

More avatar body shape options

Female cycling avatar in Vingo, picking out her body shape in the Vingo lockerroom.

Pick a body shape that best represents you! With three new body shape options, it’s easier than ever to fully customize your Vingo experience. Or, if you prefer, create a unique online persona that looks nothing like you. The choice is yours!

We hope you’ll hop on your bike or treadmill today to test out these latest features. Adventure awaits!

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