Start-up Guide for Beginner Cyclists

Welcome to your Vingo beginner cyclist guide! We are so excited for you to start riding through Vingo. Well, you can download the app and get going right away—this guide is for anyone that wants a little more guidance on how to get started, what great features you can access right away, and some beginner-friendly routes. 

What do I need to get started? 

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The great thing about Vingo is you don’t need much to get started, but you will need just a handful of things. 

Must haves

  1. Any exercise bike
    That’s right—any! Get started with whatever exercise bike you have at home or at the gym. This way, you can choose any bike you like best and don’t have the upfront cost of purchasing a bike (unless you want to buy a bike, that is).

  2. Vingo app and a Windows device
    The app is free and can be downloaded here. Vingo runs on Windows only, so you will need a Windows computer (laptop or desktop) or a Windows tablet to get started.

  3. Water
    Grab a water bottle and anything else you need for your ride! 

  4. Bluetooth, or ANT+ Dongle (not needed, but nice to have) 
    Although Vingo does have an optional manual mode (where you manually change based on screen), by having Bluetooth or a cadence sensor and ANT+ dongle, your bike can automatically track your speed and mileage. This also allows you to earn full points through Vingo—while the manual mode will only get you 10% of point potential. 

  5. WIFI
    WIFI is required both for downloading the the Vingo app onto your Windows device and while using Vingo.

The combo of these items creates a virtual cycling experience, where you can join from anywhere and start exploring the worlds of Vingo. 

What’s next?

Woman in Vingo Locker Room Picking New Clothes

Once you are in the app, there are a couple of fun setup options to make the experience your own. These customizing settings can be found in your locker. 

Selfie for avatar

If you want your avatar to look like you, just take a quick selfie, or upload any selfie to the app to create a realistic avatar. You can also use the locker to change any features. 

Choose an outfit and gear

Choose from a variety of options for your bike gear and outfit. In fact, we have so many options that there are over one million ways you can style your avatar—from colors to outfits, and bike gear. 

Pick a furry friend

Lastly, if you want to have a furry dog companion with you while you ride, you’ll find your friend here as well. Your dog will join you on every ride and help you discover new aspects of the app. 

Now start exploring!

Cycling Routes in the Vingo App

Now for the fun part! Once you’ve got your space set up and your locker ready to go, you are all set to ride and start your indoor cycling adventure. While you will see multiple options for biking, these are a couple of our favorites for beginner bikers. 

  1. Start with a loop around Viking Village 
    This route is a little over a half-mile(.6 miles) and is relatively flat (137ft). This is a great tester ride, getting your legs going, serving as a warmup, or a quick ride. Here you can test out how you feel on the bike while you go through a road with quaint cabin houses and get a sneak peek at some of the mountains you may ride later.

  2. Next, try a little climb with the switchbacks to Viking Village
    You’ll have plenty of opportunities to build into some longer rides, and some hillier rides, but this is an opportunity to start to build into some hills a bit more (655 feet) and try a little more distance (2.1 miles). This route has a beautiful view of the lake, and a river pass. While you won’t do many hills, they’ll be a short winding around a mountaintop, where you’ll catch a view of the bay. 

  3. Slowly build some distance with the Lagoon Overlook Trail
    While this ride is only .4 miles longer than the last (being 2.6 miles), it does have slightly more of a climb with 811 feet—making it a nice stepping stone. Testing out both your distance and your climbing skills. On this trail, you’ll get to head to a completely different part of Iceland, where you’ll get views of the Lagoon almost the entire time. 

  4. Lastly, test your distance and climbing skills with Shoreline Haven
    When you are feeling up to it, test out this slightly longer ride (5.7 miles) and climb (1172 feet). After trying the other routes, this one will be a bit more of a challenge, but you can always take it at any pace. Plus, with the beautiful views of the lake, lavender fields, and mountain passes, you might not even notice! 

Key Takeaways:

At Vingo we believe in fitness that’s fun and accessible. Riders can join from any bike and get access to a personalized experience for free. When you join, you’ll have the option to upload a selfie to create an avatar that looks like you.

Then you can check out the locker and choose from a wide range of outfits and gear. Once you are ready to ride, test out one of the beginner routes or try any of the others.
And most importantly, have fun! 

Tired of hypercompetitive fitness apps?

Enjoy Vingo’s judgment-free community!
marker Explore new worlds on many different terrains
marker Personalize your avatar with cool clothes and gears
marker Experience Vingo anywhere on any exercise bike or treadmill

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Vingo is now on iOS!


Vingo is now on iOS!

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