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Start-up Guide for Beginner Runners

Welcome to your Vingo beginner running (or walking if you’d like) guide! We are so excited for you to start exploring through Vingo. You’re welcome to download the app and get going—this guide is for anyone that wants a little more guidance on how to get started, what great features you can access right away, and some beginner-friendly routes. 

What do I need to get started?

Indoor Gym Equipment

At Vingo, you don’t need much to get started, but you will need just a couple of things. 

Must haves

  • Any treadmill
    You can use any treadmill you have access to. Instead of investing in a specific treadmill, feel free to choose from any you have at your home gym or gym, or decide what you want for your indoor running experience

  • Vingo app and a Windows device
    The app is free and you can download it here. Vingo runs on Windows only, so you will need a Windows computer (laptop or desktop) or a Windows tablet to get started.

  • Any workout items
    Grab a water bottle, towel, fan or anything else you’ll need while you workout. 

  • WIFI
    WIFI is required both for downloading the the Vingo app onto your Windows device and while using Vingo.

Not needed, but nice to have

  • Bluetooth, or ANT+ Dongle
    Although Vingo does have an optional manual mode (where you manually change based on screen) by having Bluetooth or a cadence sensor and ANT+ dongle, your treadmill can automatically track your speed and mileage. This way you earn full points through Vingo—while the manual mode will only get you 10% of point potential.

What’s next?

Woman in Vingo Locker Room Picking New Clothes

Then once you are in the app, you’ll have some options to personalize your experience. 

Create an avatar

Vingo lets you snap a quick picture or upload one to make your avatar look like you. Simply upload and wait a few minutes, and you’ll have your own avatar. You can also use the locker to change any features. 

Choose an outfit and gear

You’ll also find loads of options for your running gear and your outfit. Choose from a range of colors, outfits, and bike gear. 

Pick a furry friend

For all the dog lovers out there, choose a furry friend to ride with. Your dog will join you on every run and help you discover new aspects of the app. 

Start exploring!

Running Routes in the Vingo App

Now that you’ve got everything set, you are ready to run or walk through some of these gorgeous trails. While you will see dozens of routes to choose from, here are a couple of our favorites for beginner runners. 

  1. Try the Hot Spring Bend
    The hot spring bend is a great path to start out on because it’s relatively flat with just 419 ft of elevation and just under a mile at .8. This is great if you want to test out running and walking, get in a longer warmup, or go for a quick run. This panoramic path leads along lagoon bends, past snow-capped mountains, and through stony stretches.

  2. Run a mile through Lakeside Junction
    Then, when you are ready for a mile, take yourself to the Lakeside junction. Here you’ll get a pretty flat road as well (508ft) alongside pine trees and some lavender fields. While you run, you’ll find yourself on a path wedged between a beautiful lagoon

  3. Test out a little climb at Seacoast Sands
    When you want a little hill at less of a distance, try the seacoast sand trail. This .9 mile trail with 915ft of elevation takes you on the coastline through the Viking village. You’ll pass through a wooden bridge and up and down mountain pass roads. 

  4. Combine some hills and distance on Butte Cliffs
    While this cliff trail isn’t much more feet than seacoast at 918 elevation gain, it does allow you to pair up your distance too. This 1.6-mile trail will have you running and up and down mountain passes, through stony roads, then right towards the end, you’ll get to loop over a bridge looking at the lake. 

Other things to keep in mind on the trail

Motivational sign with the phrase "You Got This"

While these trails are fun to explore as is, you also have options to meet people on the trail and chat with them.

If you are interested in learning more about the community and other fun online fitness features Vingo has, check this out. 

Key Takeaways:

At Vingo, we believe fitness should be fun and accessible—which is why we have lots of ways beginners can access and use our app. Runners can join from any treadmill and use it for free. When you join, you’ll have the option to upload a selfie to create an avatar that looks like you.

Then you can check out the locker and choose from a wide range of outfits and gear. Once you are ready to ride, test out one of the beginner routes or try any of the others. And most importantly, have fun!

Tired of hypercompetitive fitness apps?

Enjoy Vingo’s judgment-free community!
marker Explore new worlds on many different terrains
marker Personalize your avatar with cool clothes and gears
marker Experience Vingo anywhere on any exercise bike or treadmill

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Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

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Vingo is now on iOS!


Vingo is now on iOS!

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