8 Ways to Make Fitness Fun

It’s easy to get caught up in the not-so-fun variables of fitness. All the “shoulds,” timelines, and goals, and forget that in order to be sustainable, fitness should be fun. So whether you’re looking for more ways to make it fun or making it fun in the first place, try out our 8 favorite ways!

1. How do I make exercise social?

Two women stretching in a park.

Fitness doesn’t have to be a solo journey. In fact, for a lot of people finding ways to make it social can change their motivation, the level of enjoyment, and more. Here are a couple of ways you can make it social—

Find a fitness buddy

Social doesn’t even have to be a gaggle of friends. You could just have one person that is your accountability buddy. Exercise buddies don’t necessarily have to be friends or close acquaintances (although they can) but might be people you meet at the gym, in meet-up groups, or over fitness applications. 

You could do the actual workout or activity with this person, or just have a touch base each week to see how one another is doing. 

Join a fitness group

There are loads of fitness groups out there, from online communities to large virtual training communities like Vingo, to small local groups, or meet-ups. If you aren’t sure what’s right for you, consider joining a couple of groups and seeing what is the most fun. 

2. What is a fun exercise activity?

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One easy way to make fitness more fun is by trying things that actually sound fun to you. While that might be a specific workout like Zumba, boxing, running, or biking, it’s possible that none of those sound that fun to you—which is okay, that’s when we encourage you to remember… 

Fitness doesn’t have to be a workout

Fitness doesn’t have to strictly be a workout. There are plenty of ways to move your body, become fitter and accomplish your fitness goals without actually doing a physical workout or workout class. 


Consider joining an intramural sports team. This way you can pick something that sounds fun and is social and you will still get the health benefits of moving your body. For example, something like soccer requires you to actually run a lot, with the average soccer game being around 5-7 miles for a player. While basketball is still around 3 miles per game. 


If sports are not appealing, there are always other active hobbies such as snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, surfing, etc. These are easy ways to be active, have fun and be outside. 

3. How can I explore while exercising?

Mom holding her two children looking over a cliff that is on a body of water.

Another way to make things fun is by exploring new locations while you workout. A change of scenery can go a long way to keeping things fresh. This is especially helpful if you are one of those people that tends to have the exact same routine every day. 

Go outside 

If the weather permits, consider taking your workout outside! Running, biking, walking, or even doing some strength work outside changes the energy of the workout. For many, being outside makes it easier to stay focused on the workout and unplug from the day today. 

Try a virtual training app 

In those winter months when it’s less enjoyable (or possible) to get outside, or for the days you want to explore even further than your backyard, consider a virtual training app. With Vingo we let you discover different countries’ landscapes, from volcanoes to beaches, to mountains. You can learn about new places while you workout. 

4. Remember your “why” 

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The fact of the matter is the things that make fitness not fun, often come from variables outside of ourselves. It’s all the things we think we should be doing, frustrations at our failures, or the pressures of keeping a routine. But sometimes making fitness more fun could be as simple as a mental shift. Remembering why you are working out in the first place helps you remember the whole point, and get back to what you want and how you can have fun doing it. 

5. How do I set goals?

Person writing goals in her weekly planner on ipad.

For many people, the actual goal setting may not be fun, but accomplishing goals is fun. That’s why we recommend mini-goals to have fun. This way you can accomplish goals more often, and be reminded of all the good things you are doing! 

6. Work with an expert

A Man Doing a Pilates Exercise with Personal Trainer.

There are thousands of fitness professionals out there eager to work with people to have a better fitness experience. If you are looking for a way to have some fun, and learn new skills, consider working with one of them. 

Professional trainer

There are many professional trainers that specialize in all sorts of things. Working with a professional trainer can be fun because you get individualized attention, unique catered workouts, and accountability to accomplish your goals. 

Fitness instructors 

Many boxing instructors, yoga teachers, and others offer 1:1 support and sessions. If you want to learn more about the activity you’ve been doing, consider asking the instructor if they do personal lessons

7. Should I try a fitness class?

People at a yoga class outside in a park.

Group classes are a fun and easy way to be social while you work out. There is a class for just about every activity you could imagine. Just pick one that sounds fun and give it a go. 

8. Be easy on yourself

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The last tip is another tip for mentality. To keep things fun, you have to be kind and easy on yourself. Sometimes fitness doesn’t become fun because it’s a chore, and we are pretty harsh with ourselves about all the ways we aren’t doing it right. But remember that simply moving is great for your body! When you are easier on yourself, you can actually make things more fun. 

Key takeaways:

Making the change from just having fitness be fitness, to having fitness be fun will change your routine, your health habits and the longevity of your fitness journey. By making fitness fun, you create a sustainable way for you to keep going.

Our favorite ways to make things fun are by finding community and leaning on support, trying new activities and going to new places, and switching up your mindset.

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