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14 Ways to Rediscover the Fun of Cycling

To many cyclists, riding a bike is one of the most significant joys in life. However, even the most seasoned cyclists go through dry spells where they may not feel as motivated to ride as usual.

If this resonates with you, don’t worry too much about it. There are many ways to find your motivation and make cycling fun again. Try one of these ideas!

Join a cycling club.

A group of cyclists ride together through the woods.

If you’ve never considered joining a cycling club, now’s the time! It’s one of the best ways to meet like-minded cyclists, discover new riding routes, and build valuable skills.

Plus, the expertise you can glean from highly experienced club cyclists is incredible, and you might even score some discounts from your local bike shops if you identify yourself as a club member.

Bike with friends.

two friends take a break on the beach after cycling together

If cycling with a club isn’t your thing, simply inviting a friend or two along for your next ride can really elevate the biking experience.

Cycling with a friend provides companionship, so there’s always someone to chat with while you’re on the road. In some cases, it may also offer a sense of safety and security, like when you’re tackling your first cross-state bike tour or riding somewhere new.

Stop for a bite to eat.

A cappuccino, iced coffee, and cheesecake are served on a table in a cafe.

It’s no secret: cyclists love to eat! Start enjoying your cycling again by planning routes that incorporate stops at local cafes, food trucks, or coffee shops.

Give your taste buds a treat and try something new. Enjoy the conversation (if you’re riding with friends) and fuel your body for the remainder of your trek. It’s a win-win situation all around and it sure beats an energy bar.

Set a goal.

A motivational message to those who are trying to stay on track with their goals.

Cycling mindlessly for miles gets old quickly. Whether you’re riding indoors on a treadmill or racking up your mileage outdoors on the pavement, setting a cycling goal (or a few) can help you find your motivation again. It will give you something to work toward, and the challenge and thrill of achieving it will make cycling fun again.

Try a new type of cycling.

A male biker tries indoor cycling.

Dabbling in a new type of cycling is a fun and exciting way to shake things up. For example, if you typically prefer road biking, try BMX, cyclocross, mountain biking, gravel cycling, or indoor biking with Vingo instead.

The challenge of doing something new will keep you on your toes, and whether or not you decide to do it again, you’ll get to experience something brand new on your bike.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

One biker compares herself to another biker who is faster.

You’ve probably heard the phrase before, but comparison is the thief of joy. When you constantly compare your cycling metrics like mileage, speed, power, etc., to others’ performance, you wind up feeling unhappy and stressed out because you’re continually trying to measure up.

Although a healthy amount of comparison can push you to new heights, it’s important to keep yourself in check and make sure you’re not reaching for unrealistic expectations or entertaining negative thoughts about yourself. And don’t forget to acknowledge your accomplishments, no matter how small!

Ignore the numbers.

A smartwatch shows how many steps a person has taken that day,

Getting caught up in all the numbers can make you feel like you’re not progressing. One easy way to make cycling fun again is to ignore your performance metrics entirely. Leave your fitness watch at home, don’t follow any set route, and just ride.

Dropping all the pressure to perform will make the experience less stressful, tedious, and more enjoyable!

Bike routes that you love.

A little boy bikes along a scenic trail in autumn.

If you’re a regular commuter or always select your cycling routes based on their mileage and altitude gain instead of the views, it’s time to make some changes. Head out and enjoy a peaceful ride through the quiet countryside, a scenic road, or your favorite park.

Riding routes that you love can help you feel good after a ride instead of feeling stressed out or irritated by traffic, exhausting climbs, or boring scenery.

Go for a moonlight ride.

Two bikers ride in the night.

Instead of your usual bike ride before work, try a nighttime ride instead! Cyclists swear that it makes you feel like you’re riding twice as fast, and even the most familiar routes will feel brand new under the cover of darkness. Of course, ensure you have a solid bike light before you venture into the night!

Ride somewhere new.

A reminder to explore new places, switch up routine, and seek adventures.

Next time you head out of state for a trip, bring your bike and cycling gear along with you and hit up some new trails.

Exploring a new city or natural area on your bike is an exhilarating way to hit up all the most popular tourist attractions, especially if you plan a trip with friends. Before you go, consult with local bikers to identify all the best cycling routes in the area so you don’t waste any valuable cycling time.

Complete a bike tour.

A bike is packed and prepared for a multi-day bike tour.

Bicycle touring is when you travel by bike for days, weeks, or months at a time. You can stop and camp along the way or stay at hotels, bed and breakfasts, or short-term rentals.

Whether you set off on a traditional self-supported bike tour or hire a professional guide or commercial company to plan and help you complete the ride, it’s a really exciting way to explore on two wheels. It will most certainly make cycling fun again and help you find your motivation to ride.

Sign up for a competitive race.

Male cyclists compete in a bike race.

You don’t have to be the best cyclist to compete in a race. All you need is some solid riding skills, a little time to prepare for the race, and the self-confidence to tackle a competitive event for the first time.

Preparing for a race will change how you view your cycling, and inviting a friend or two to join can make the whole experience more fulfilling.

Bike with Vingo.

A virtual location within Japan in the Vingo app.

One of the most exciting ways to make cycling fun again is to ride with Vingo. The exercise app allows you to create a personalized avatar, select your bike and gear, and set out on one-of-a-kind adventures across the globe.

Explore places like Iceland and Japan on two wheels as you rack up miles and elevation, improving your speed and power as you go. You can even invite your friends for the ride and communicate with Vingo’s real-time chat feature.

Take a break.

Someone rests on a bench while appreciating the view.

If you’re having a hard time remembering why you started cycling in the first place, it might be time to take a break. Your body may need some physical rest, and your mind might also benefit from a vacation from all the cycling.

People always say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, so some time away might help you remember why you fell in love with cycling in the first place.

Key Takeaways:

If you’ve hit a rut, it might feel nearly impossible to make cycling fun again. But don’t give up just yet! Try implementing one or two of the tips above. You might find that it’s totally possible to refresh your mind and body and start enjoying your rides again.

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