Distance and Elevation Gain for Cycling: Why It Matters

Your cycling distance and elevation are two of the most fundamental metrics you can monitor while riding your bike, whether indoors or outdoors. Monitoring these metrics can help you improve your strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health, and reach your goals. Let’s look at each of these metrics more closely to determine why and how you …

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Is Cross-Training Necessary?

Cross-training is a normal part of many athletes’ routines. Sometimes, it’s necessary due to seasonal changes or equipment availability. Other times, it’s a voluntary choice that helps athletes maintain conditioning on rest days or prevent injury. Although it’s not a requirement for athletes, cross-training is essential to maintaining a sustainable, injury-free, and effective training program.

15 Cycling Recovery Tips to Get You Back on Your Bike

Every cyclist knows the importance of hard work and dedication. But cycling recovery is often the most overlooked part of a comprehensive training program. Although no one glamorizes cycling recovery, it’s just as important as active training. If you struggle with cycling recovery, you’re not alone! Let’s dive deeper into the concept of cycling recovery, …

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Top 10 Bike Trails in Colorado

Whether you prefer rigorous mountain biking or you’re searching for a fun, family-friendly bike ride, the beautiful state of Colorado has it all. These top 10 cycling routes are sure to provide a fantastic ride, incredible views, and an exciting way to explore the tremendous and historic landscape of colorful Colorado.

Top 10 Bike Trails in Maryland

From scenic coastal trails and heavily-trafficked city paths to long-distance journeys through beautiful wooded forests, mountainous landscapes, and historic structures, Maryland offers some of the best biking adventures. To see a little bit of everything, check out these top-rated Maryland trails for biking.

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