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Top 10 Bike Trails in West Virginia

Map of the top 10 bike routes in West Virginia.

West Virginia is full of hidden treasures for cyclists. With many rail trails, mountain biking routes, and urban paths to explore, there’s a little something for every type of biker in this state. Check out our list of top 10 bike trails in West Virginia to plan your next cycling adventure.

1. North Bend Rail Trail – Cairo, WV

Bridge on the North Bend Rail Trail.

The North Bend Rail Trail spans 72 miles across north-central and western West Virginia. It’s part of the 5,500-mile American Discovery Trail and is known for its breathtaking scenery through the Appalachian Mountains. Along the route, you’ll bike across 36 bridges and through 10 tunnels, including the “haunted” Silver Run Tunnel, one of the trail’s main highlights. In addition to enjoying a beautiful, varied landscape featuring farmland, mountains, and thick forest canopies, you can also check out the nearby North Bend State Park for other outdoor recreational activities.

Tips: At either end of the trail, there’s also plenty of fun to be had. On the route’s west end, explore the city of Parkersburg’s local attractions, restaurants, and shops. Or take some time to get to know the small town of Clarksburg on the east end of the trail, where you’ll find more shops and restaurants.

2. West Fork Rail Trail – Bartow, WV

Bridge on West Fork Rail Trail.

The West Fork Rail Trail is a rugged 27-mile trail that takes you from Durbin to Shavers Fork River near Glady. Although this crushed limestone route is relatively flat, it’s wilder than many paved urban trails in West Virginia, so we recommend outfitting your bike with heavy-duty tires. The trail follows the West Fork of the Greenbrier River almost the entire way, and you’re likely to run into backpackers and campers along the way. Bike this trail in spring or summer when the wildflowers bloom for the best scenery. Or, if you prefer the rustic colors of fall, enjoy the colorful foliage with an autumn bike ride.

Tips: You can rent a bike or pick up supplies at the trailhead in Durbin.

3. Greenbrier River Trail – Marlinton, WV

A bridge and rail trail in the Greenbrier River Trail.

The Greenbrier River Trail is a 78-mile rail trail and the longest in West Virginia. You’ll bike across 35 bridges, through two tunnels, and take in miles of gorgeous scenery along the way. This route has been ranked as one of the best trails in the United States and is a rare chance to experience some of the most remote parts of the state. You’ll also bike through several small, historic towns, and there are plenty of lodging and camping amenities along the way. We highly recommend carrying your own water and food with you, although there is fresh drinking water at several points along the trail.

Tips: This trail is about as remote as it gets! Due to a National Radio Quiet Zone created for a nearby radio telescope, you won’t have cell service on parts of it.

4. Blackwater Canyon Trail – Monongahela National Forest

The Blackwater Canyon Trail in the Monongahela National Forest during the fall.

The Blackwater Canyon Trail is a 10.7-mile trail in eastern West Virginia. It runs through the magnificent Monongahela National Forest and offers cyclists one-of-a-kind scenic rewards if they can complete the rugged ride. The trail features rushing waterfalls, fascinating railroad and coal-mining relics from the past, and a challenging climb of about 1,200 feet. Some cyclists prefer to arrange for a shuttle and only ride downhill, but you can also bike all the way up and coast back down if you prefer to ride the whole way.

Tips: Blackwater Canyon Trail’s surface isn’t smooth, so we recommend putting wide tires on your bike to navigate the rough terrain.

5. Caperton Trail – Morgantown, WV

Welcome sign to the Caperton Trail in West Virginia.

Caperton Trail is an urban 5-mile trail perfect for a short and relaxing bike ride through the Morgantown and Star City area. This well-loved route is great for leisurely rides with the family and provides easy access to local restaurants, shops, and city parks. If you want a quick detour, the trail runs right through Hazel Ruby McQuain Riverfront Park, which features a Tugboat Depot Playground for kids, an outdoor amphitheater, and a beautiful arboretum. Overall, the route features a smooth, flat surface ideal for all bicycle types.

Tips: The Caperton Trail connects to the Mon River Trail north and the Deckers Creek Trail south, offering 48 solid miles for cycling! The entire trail system is a designated National Recreation Trail.

6. Mon River Trail – Morgantown, WV

A cyclists on the Mon River Trail in West Virginia.

The 29-mile Mon River Trail links to the Caperton Trail and the Deckers Creek Trail for a magnificent and lengthy ride through Morgantown and Star City. However, if you want a shorter ride with fewer urban features than the Caperton Trail, the Mon River Trail is for you. It’s relatively flat, offering a safe and easy ride for newer or young cyclists. The route winds through the wooded river valley and features idyllic scenery, from low-lying bottomland and beautiful waterfalls to vast fields filled with wildflowers. At the trail’s southern terminus, you’ll end up at Prickett’s Fort State Park, where you can continue your bike ride on the Marion County Trail to Fairmont.

Tips: Morgantown is also home to West Virginia State University, which makes for an interesting side trip before or after your ride.

7. Deckers Creek Trail – Morgantown, WV

Two cyclists on the Decker's Creek Trail in West Virginia.

As mentioned above, Deckers Creek Trail is another rail trail in Morgantown that connects to the Caperton Trail and Mon River Trail. Together, the three trails form one long route, but the Deckers Creek Trail is also an excellent ride on its own. The route winds out of the valley and stretches 19 miles southeast to Reedsville. It’s more challenging than the Caperton and Mon River Trails, with a 2% grade, but the views are worth it. You’ll ride past stunning fields of flowers, through thick, wooded forests, and into open fields and farmlands.

Tips: Late April or early May is the best time to catch the flowers on this route in bloom.

8. Allegheny Highlands Trail – Elkins, WV

Cyclists on the Allegheny Highlands Trail in West Virginia.

The Allegheny Highlands Trail offers 31 miles of panoramic views through the mountainous Canaan Valley and Spruce Knob areas. It follows the route of the West Virginia Central and Pittsburg Railway, and you can start your bike ride at Elkins and end near Davis or ride it the opposite way for an equally enjoyable tour of the region. The trail’s surface is asphalt and crushed stone, and it is a moderate ride for cyclists of all ages and abilities. The numerous small towns along the way offer plenty of opportunities for side trips and supply runs.

Tips: You can bike the Allegheny Highlands Trail all the way to Hendricks, and although the railroad grade continues north into Blackwater Canyon and Thomas from there, it’s not technically a part of the trail. Regardless, it’s a steep and challenging ride you might enjoy!

9. Canaan Valley – Davis, WV

Aerial view of the Canaan Valley in West Virginia.

The Canaan Valley near Davis and Tucker is a well-known area among bikers and has a reputation for providing some of the most gnarly and incredible biking experiences in West Virginia. As long as you don’t mind getting a little dirty, this area of northeast West Virginia is a treasure trove for mountain bikers. A few favorite biking routes in the valley include the Allegheny/Plantation Trail Loop, the Timberline Four Seasons Resort trails, and the rigorous Revenge of the Rattlesnake trail.

Tips: No matter which trails you ride, this area is full of roots, rocks, and steep terrain, so come ready to put in some serious work on your bicycle!

10. Mountwood Park – Waverly, WV

A mountain biker on the Mountwood Park.

Mountwood Park was once the booming oil town of Volcano. Unfortunately, the entire village burned down in the late 1800s, leaving only rubble. Today, the land has a 50-mile trail system, with 30 miles open to mountain bikers. There’s something here for everyone, with trails ranging from beginner to expert-level, and the packed dirt trails lend themselves to speed. To get a good feel for the park, try the 22.4-mile Grand Tour Loop, which features scenic bridges, vast meadows, and historic relics.

Tips: You can also easily adjust the distance of the Mountwood Park Grand Tour Loop to fit your goals and abilities.

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