View of downtown Fort Worth with an emphasis on the bridge leading into the downtown area.

Top 10 Running Trails in Fort Worth

Map of the top 10 running trails in Forth Worth

Fort Worth is an excellent place to enjoy a scenic, easy run or tackle a more challenging workout while you take in the area’s local sights, sounds, and wildlife. If you’re headed to Fort Worth anytime soon, check out these top ten places to run in the city!

1. The Trailhead at Clearfork

Woman running on Trailhead in Fort Worth.

The Trailhead is on the riverfront of the Trinity Trails in the Clearfork development. The area is popular among runners, walkers, and fitness enthusiasts because it provides access to more than 60 miles of beautiful hike and bike trails, complete with pet waste stations, restrooms, bike rentals, coffee, and yummy food at Bike Mart and Press Cafe. The trailhead is also home to an outdoor fitness and activity lawn with free weekly classes, so you can go for a run and end your workout with a fun outdoor fitness class!

Tips: The Trailhead also hosts a weekly Farmer’s Market featuring fresh foods and products from local farmers, ranchers, and artisans.

2. Trinity Park

Aerial view of Trinity Park.

Trinity Park is a 252-acre park that stretches along the banks of the Trinity River in Fort Worth’s cultural district. It’s nestled next to the Fort Worth Zoo and is home to some of the city’s best hike and bike trails. The trails are well-shaded, offering nice protection from the Texas summer sun. The park also features murals, a duck pond, a colorful basketball court, picnic pavilions, and public restrooms. Even a mini railroad moves through the park, which is great entertainment for little ones if you prefer to run with your stroller.

Tips: Water fountains are scattered throughout Trinity Park, but you should still plan on bringing plenty of water, especially if you run in the summer.

3. Tandy Hills Nature Area

Dog in wild flower field in Tandy Hills Nature Area.

Tandy Hills Nature Area is a 60-acre prairie just three miles east of Downtown Fort Worth. It’s a great spot for trail running, and it feels like you’re way out in nature, even though you’re less than five minutes away from all the action downtown. Unlike other busy parks in Fort Worth, Tandy Hills is much less congested and offers a quiet and serene place to run. In the spring, wildflowers populate the trails, and the hilltops offer great skyline views to enjoy while you run. With 11 different trails to choose from, you’ll never get bored running at Tandy Hills.

Tips: Several events and programs also occur at the prairie each month, including a volunteer cleanup group, nature walks, star parties, and kids’ educational programs.

4. Airfield Falls

View of Airfield Falls during fall.

Airfield Falls is a large natural waterfall along the West Fork Trinity River. The waterfall feature is a short 0.4 miles from the Airfield Falls Trailhead, making it a great spot to stop for a swim and cool down on your way back. Otherwise, the trails are paved and surrounded by thick forests for a peaceful and scenic run. Once you get to the trailhead, you can head east to Rockwood Park (3.5 miles) or west to Burger’s Lake (2.5 miles), depending on your preferences. The trail is just a few minutes from downtown Fort Worth, making it easy and convenient to get to.

Tips: History buffs also appreciate this running spot, as Airfield Falls is also on the east of the Naval Air Station JRB and features parts from a McDonnell Douglas C-9 aircraft.

5. Arcadia Trail Park

Arcadia Trail Park from the entry point.

Arcadia Trail Park is a 69-acre linear park in Fort Worth that connects to two other parks: Arcadia Trail North Park (north of North Tarrant Parkway) and Arcadia Trail South Park (south of Basswood Boulevard). It follows the Whites Branch Creek and features 1.24 miles of paved hike and bike trails perfect for running. The park connects several Fort Worth neighborhoods and is home to amenities like picnic tables with shelters, a playground for kids, bike racks, sports courts, and a pet station. Arcadia Trail North Park also has a fitness station if you want to do some cross-training after you complete your run. 

Tips: The southern end of Arcadia Trail South Park also connects to Buffalo Ridge Park, a 95-acre community park with more trails to explore!

6. Oakmont Park

View of park with a playground and multiple trails.

Oakmont Park is a 127-acre park in southwest Fort Worth. It’s tucked away in a residential district and features about three miles of long and meandering trails through hills and wooded park areas. The paths also run along a quietly babbling creek, and some open up into vast fields further along the route. Due to the location of this park, it’s very secluded and you’re unlikely to run into a lot of pedestrian traffic while you run here. These trails are also covered by lush trees and greenery, offering plenty of shade if you need an escape from the sun. Dogs are allowed here, too, so feel free to bring your pup along for your run. 

Tips: This park offers a leisurely run, but continue past the Art Cowsen Trailhead and head toward Benbrook Lake if you want something more challenging.

7. Panther Island

View of downtown Fort Worth

Panther Island is a scenic outdoor venue on the Trinity River. It’s home to multiple outdoor stages for music events (including a waterfront one), and it features daily beach and river activities for visitors and community members. The area also hosts many community-wide events, including bike rides, runs, and festivals. Here, you can run on the Trinity River Trail alongside the river while enjoying scenic views of downtown Fort Worth

Tips: Once you’re done running, stick around and rent a paddleboard or kayak to get out on the river. You can easily spend a whole day exploring Panther Island.

8. Gateway Park

Shaded Running Path with Trees

Gateway Park is a 791.5-acre park in East Fort Worth that sits along the banks of the West Fork Trinity River. The Trinity Trails run through the park, offering easy access to the entire 100+ mile system. The park also provides sports facilities for other outdoor activities, like soccer, disc golf, mountain biking trails, and a kayak and canoe launch. There are drinking fountains and benches throughout the park and public restrooms, grills, and picnic pavilions where you can enjoy a light snack and refuel after your run.

Tips: Gateway Park is also home to Fort Worth’s first off-leash dog park, Fort Woof. Make sure to bring your dog so they can enjoy this 5-acre slice of paradise after your run!

9. Marion Sansom Park

Water in Marion Sansom Park

Experienced trail runners head to Fort Worth’s Marion Sansom Park when they want a challenge. Although the park features trail running routes for all experience levels, some of the more hilly ones will provide an intense workout you’re sure to feel later. Within Marion Sansom Park, you’ll discover several interconnecting loops that wind through the forest and feature scenic vistas over Lake Worth. The trails are marked with signs to help you find your way, but it’s still easy to get lost, so bring someone along with you just in case.

Tips: If you run down closer to the water, you’re bound to find stunning hidden waterfalls along the way!

10. Eagle Mountain Park

Eagle Mountain Lake

Eagle Mountain Park is a 400-acre park on Eagle Mountain Lake that features about five miles of well-maintained trails. There are six different trails to run on, and the park is open seven days a week with no entry fee. Each route has park maps so you can navigate the trail system without worrying about getting lost, and they all vary in intensity. If you want an easy jog, try the Shoreline Trail (0.75 miles), which runs along the peaceful banks and edges of the lake. For a moderately challenging run, try the Ridge Loop Trail (0.88 miles). Part of it runs along the lake, while the other portion takes you through the hilly landscape. Eagle Mountain Park also features an overlook to enjoy scenic water views.

Tips: Dogs are not allowed at this park, and the park gates close 30 minutes after sunset each day.

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